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PETROMAJ’s core values are Trust, Commitment and Professionalism

PETROMAJ is a leading brand in business development and commodity supply, thanks to the . We are fully committed to continuing to grow to add value and exceed the expectations of all our Partners. 

Being a leading global trader for commodities, PETROMAJ is subject to many regulatory authorities worldwide (covering health and safety, environment, financial crime, international trade, sanctions, etc.). We have our internal PETROMAJ Policies to ensure compliance with our values within a constantly evolving regulatory environment. As it is our shared responsibility that values and legislation are reflected in all our actions, this Partner Code of Conduct sets out our expectations. We encourage our Partners to establish a similar Code of Conduct and will support our Partners' actions to increase awareness and compliance within all areas of this Policy.

1. Compliance with laws and tax
Partners shall comply with applicable laws and regulations and avoid criminal tax evasion. 

2. Corruption
Corruption is when bribes are offered, expected, or taken, regardless of form, method, or purpose. PETROMAJ does not accept bribery or any other type of unauthorized influence. Whereas we acknowledge that local customs may differ, our Partners must ensure they have appropriate anti-corruption policies and procedures to comply with relevant laws. 


3. Anti-Money Laundering (AML)
Money laundering is any arrangement where the proceeds of crime are disguised or made to appear legitimate. PETROMAJ must never, and we expect the same from our Partners, be part of or facilitate money laundering, terrorism financing, and/or other financial crimes and shall perform reasonable due diligence to detect potential money laundering and terrorist financing in the value chain. 


4. Trade Compliance 

Our Partners must ensure compliance with applicable export and trade sanctions laws, regulations, rules, and licenses, including without limit those of the U.S., the UN, and the EU ("Export Laws"). In no event shall a transaction be structured or documentation be altered to circumvent Export Laws. In any transaction involving PETROMAJ, we represent and warrant that: 

-We shall not engage, directly or indirectly. We shall ensure that none of our affiliates engage in dealings with any person or entity in violation of Export Laws or violation of any prohibited end-use under Export Laws. In the case of purchases, we are the actual purchaser of the goods from PETROMAJ. The goods shall not, in violation of Export Laws, be sold, re-transferred, or otherwise made available to any party or parties listed on any applicable list of prohibited parties or subject to sanctions imposed by the UN, EU, U.S., or other countries. 

We shall not do anything that would cause PETROMAJ to breach Export Laws. 

Our Partners must adhere to applicable Export Laws. 

We want reasonable information for our KYC (know-your-customer) requirements. 


5. Human Rights and Labor

Human rights are fundamental freedoms to which all people are entitled. We are committed to respecting and promoting international human rights in the entire value chain: 

-  Safe and secure workplace – PETROMAJ requires partners to be dedicated to providing a safe and healthy work environment and work to minimize risks of accidents and other exposure to health risks. 

-  Forced labor and child labor – PETROMAJ does not accept any form of child labor or all forms of forced labor (including prison labor, military labor, modern slavery, or any form of human trafficking). 

- Respect—We encourage our Partners to always treat people with respect and not allow any form of discrimination against employees. We believe in equal opportunity and fair remuneration. 


6. Fair Competition
Our Partners shall comply with regulations on fair competition (also called “anti-trust” laws). They will not enter into agreements with competitors that restrict competition, including but not limited to price fixing, allocation of customers, bid rigging, etc. 


7. Environment
PETROMAJ assigns the highest priority to comply with environmental regulations and to preserve the environment. We expect our Partners to adopt similar standards, at the minimum, according to legislation. 


Ensuring compliance with regulations and standards.

A cornerstone for our business relationship is mutual values. Therefore, a breach of this Code of Conduct is a severe event and risk leading to the termination of trust between PETROMAJ and the Partner, with legal consequences. Concerns related to this Code of Conduct should be reported immediately to the attention of the Compliance Department at 

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