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PETROMAJ is one of the industry leaders in the world market marketing and trading of petroleum, petroleum derivatives, petrochemical products, fertilizers and other raw materials.

Petromaj, headquartered in Istanbul, has representative offices in several critical locations in important world trade centres.

Petromaj has regular and long-term business partners worldwide and supports its partners' products by promoting them in Turkey and the surrounding countries and then marketing them worldwide with its international offices.

Working on a partnership basis, Petromaj has more than 100 private partners worldwide and always works transparently, making its partners' products unique in its region.


Source of Passion

Our board members and employees have great expertise and knowledge, with many years of experience in the sector. This expertise is a vital resource to increase the success of our company.

Our team is among the industry's leading names and deeply understands internationally accepted management strategies and practices. In this way, while taking the necessary decisions to achieve our strategic goals, they act quickly and accurately by following the developments in the sector.

As a result, our people have the knowledge, skills and experience needed to meet industry challenges. This team contributes to the growth, sustainability and success of your company.

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