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PETROMAJ monitors the world market for petroleum, petrochemicals, and other commodity products and conducts R&D studies. With its vast marketing network, PETROMAJ prioritizes its customers' demands, offers raw material products sold at the most affordable prices, and provides and supports its customers and suppliers worldwide. PETROMAJ has a portfolio that manages its regional strength with global strategies and recruits worldwide market experts to guarantee quality service. Product managers ensure the sourcing and delivery of materials from any market with their ability to make decisions and good performance records. PETROMAJ develops customized units to guarantee efficiency and monitors national and international markets to add value to its operations and maintain its market leader position. Our team comprises sales representatives and supply chain experts with extensive market knowledge and proudly creates long-term and sustainable business partnerships. We offer competitive prices, flexible trading terms, and customized solutions, relying on our excellent relations with well-known brands and global banks based on trust. Therefore, we always aim to serve customers above their expectations.

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